Really tired of inconsistent people. If you don’t make an effort to be my friend I won’t either and that’s that.



getting close to someone is so bittersweet because they become the main person you talk to and when y’all aren’t talking it’s such a bummer

In a nutshell!

FUUUUUUUUCK liveforsincerity I accidentally clicked answer privately.
I suck as a person. 

pls send me bands

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jhoutz1553 asked:
Sorry for all the questions but I just figured out how this works. Was there ever a time that you just gave up and said fuck it? I watched for a long time and it got so bad that I was done until recently. So much can change if wwe is willing to do so


So far, I haven’t. I’ve always loved professional wrestling and I’ve always, even in times where things were goofy, found things to love and appreciate about the show. The WWF/WWE has always entertained me, through hand birthing, peepee chopping, hot lesbian action, pudding matches, farmers, Portuguese man-o-war’s, Blue Meanies, ball pit matches, and people getting lit on fire. I’ve seen it all, and loved every bit of it.

I did for a bit, I’m still kind of there. I found a website with all the attitude era, so it’s willing me back in! I’ll always have love for the attitude era, the monday night wars and E C FUCKING W!


I always notice your characteristics and the little cute/unique things you do

And it may seem like I mug you off for them but it just makes me adore you even more

Aw cheers m8, you’re ite I spose

I’ve seen posts today that have essentially said “if you down with things in your life, or how you look, etc, just change them and you’ll be happy”

It’s not that simple, you don’t get. You don’t just become happy, because you’ve changed a couple things.

Okay broski i’ll see you then!

Good! Look forward to it :)

My phone is charged but im in bed cause work tomorrow, will you be awake early evening tomorrow??

I’ll be surprised if I’m not, so I’m a say yes!

youpassintheblinkofaneye replied to your post “Feel like shit and so fucking annoyed this evening.”

Whaddup bro?

The usual shit. Your phone charged for once?

Feel like shit and so fucking annoyed this evening.