Patrick Flynn giving one last speech before the last song of Have Heart's final show. They left the stage with “Watch Me Rise”.

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Trapped Under Ice - Born To Die

Been put to the test once again
I won’t bitch and cry lose any sleep at night
I’ll be just fine
With or without you in my life


should i start watching game of thrones?

Eh, it’s over hyped so hard!

Facial hair is fine but i don’t see why its fashion!

I’m 100% with you dude, it’s baffling!



This whole beard fad shit is dumb as fuck.

Alright, cool, you have a beard. If you’re an asshole a beard isn’t going to change that at all.

I am well aware of this haha.

Although I’ve had a beard for years, mostly to hide my double chin! Haha

It’s mainly people without beards, are the people banging on about it half the time. Or the twats the go “You’re not manly, if you don’t have a beard”. Makes no sense to me!

Plus Tom the only time you ever mention your beard is when you’ve washed and you’re mentioning how great it smells to you, haha.